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People with great qualifications are in demand. Professional training, certifications, professional demeanor, neat personal appearance, verifiable work experience, wiliness to learn and a clean driving record have the best opportunity for the positions available. Contacting electrical companies directly is good way to get the word out that you are in the job market. You can also check your local Craigslist.org job postings to see who is hiring.

What can you offer the company?

Prospective employers want to know which areas of the trade you are good at and have experienced in. Display your knowledge of current local and national electrical codes. Do not say "I can do it all" to a prospective employer. People who make that type of comment, are very unlikely to be offered any position with their company. Novice believe they know enough, Professional knows there is more to learn.

Why should the contractor hire you?

Do you have a resume that is current? Do you have a professional appearance for the type of job you are applying for? Look in the mirror. Would you hire the person you see before you? Jeans and T-shirts may be permitted for some jobs but most higher paying jobs require a clean professional appearance. Dress for success!

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