When & Where are GFI Outlets Required?

Posted on: November 22nd, 2011 by Glen 2 Comments

GFI outletThe outdoor, basement, garage, bathroom and kitchen receptacle outlets may be required to have GFCI, GFIC breaker or GFI device (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) The National Electrical Code (NEC) updates electrical code every few years as new technology dictates and to meet life safety requirements.

Depending on the age of a house, GFCI may not be required at all. However, if you are replacing an existing receptacle in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or other location where a GFI outlet is now required by code, you must replace the outlet with a GFI device. Yes, even if the old receptacle was installed before GFI outlets were required. Contact your local electrician for more information.

Safety for you and your family is our first concern. Please install GFCI protection devices near any wet or moisture areas (garage, basement, pool, fountain, outside receptacle, etc).  Also, install GFCI receptacles within 6 feet of all sinks (bathroom, kitchen, wet bar, laundry tub, etc).

Related dates for requiring GFI, GFIC or GFIC in the NEC code (15 & 20 amp 120 volt):

  • Exterior outlets below 6’6” – 1973
  • Bathrooms and powder rooms – 1975 and 1978
  • Garages – 1978
  • Kitchens – within 6’ of a sink –1987
  • Unfinished basements and crawl spaces – 1990
  • Wet bars – 1993
  • All kitchen countertop outlets - 1999
  • All unfinished basement and garage outlets -2008

Some regions of the country have not adopted parts of the NEC and they may have different or additional code requirements. Check with your local electrician for more information.
View the general area of NEC adoption map to learn more.

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  1. charlie oliveras

    January 17, 2015

    replaced CFGI receptacle. whenever I attempt to plug something breaker goes off again. this CGFI has 2 other outlets on it.with nothing plug in the breaker doesn’t goes off

    • Glen

      January 18, 2015

      Sounds like the wiring is crossed up. Turn off the power, remove the outlet(s) check to see if the white wires are connected to the silver colored screws, the black wires are connected to the dark/black color screws and the green of bare copper are connected to the green screw..the other issue maybe is that the ground wire is accidentally touching one of the other screw when the outlet was pushed back into the box. the newer gfi outlet will trip if the white neutral wire and green ground touch each other


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