Why are My Lights Flickering On and Off?

Posted on: September 9th, 2012 by Alex 1 Comment

Flickering lights are nice at Christmas time however, on a day to day usage this is not what you want happening to your lights overhead. The most common reason for flickering fixtures would be a loose connection some where in the wiring system. A loose twist-on connector can result in all sorts of trouble. The bad connection can also be within the main power connection on the outside of your home or building, inside the electric panel or in the wiring circuitry.


Bad electrical connections can also be found in you switch plug or light sockets. Improperly sized light bulb such as using a 100 watt bulb in a 60 wattage rated light socket or a bulb not securely screwed into its socket are other reasons the light can be blinking. In some cases on the inside of the light bulb socket on the bottom there is a piece of brass that makes contact with the bottom of the base of the light bulb. Also in some cases this piece of brass can be bent downwards or rust may have developed on the tab which then does not make proper contact with the bottom of the base of the light bulb. There also are rivets in the light socket that on occasion burn loose from the housing or screw shell. This electrical problem is a common occurrence with older light fixtures.

Another reason for blinking lights could be a frayed or damaged electrical cord. Check you lamp cord carefully for frays. If one is found the table lamp will need to be rewired removing the damaged cord or replace by a new lamp.

When the connection is not in the fixture it self the issue it may be found in the wiring circuit. This could even be on the other side of the room in a totally different outlet as the wiring continues throughout your house. Loose electrical connections create a large amount of heat. Ignoring the problem could cause a power outage, blown bulb or life safety issues such as an electrical fire. If you are experiencing flickering lights do not hesitate and use another resource, your phone and call a professional licensed electrician for some electrical service!

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    Flickering could also be caused by old bulbs.
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