Cost to install electrical devices

There's a wide variety of pricing methods in the electrical trade.

New residential wiring is easiest.
Count how many standard switches outlets and lights are in the house and multiply that by there average unit cost. Determine the average labor and material cost for the thous items (unit cost). Sample average unit cost for bedroom 15 amp outlets may included: 15 feet of romex (nmc) wire, 4 staple, 1 plastic box, 1 electrical outlet, 1 outlet cover plate 3 wire connectors plus .5 hours of labor for a unit price of $30 each(sample). Assume there's 50 general purpose opening (outlet,switch,light) 50 x $30 = $1,500 for the basic house wiring. Also build your unit price for 20 amp outlets that are in the kitchen, bathrooms, family room or other required areas. Unit prices can be built for all the other assemblies in a home. GFIC, AFIC, Circuit breaker, main electric box, meter base, service feeds, main feeds to HVAC, kitchen appliances and other heavy electrical loads that you may have. License, permit and inspection costs also have to added to the total price. Be sure to include your overhead costs and profit for the job.

Some contractor's use a per square foot (sqft) price for new residential construction. Small homes might be priced $3 per sqft. sample 1,000 sqft x $3 = $3,000. Large homes with custom features may be $10 per sqft sample 3,000 sqft x $10 = $30,000.

AverageElectrical Flat rate or up front pricing examples**.

Electrician Service Call* Cost: $50 - $175 to show up and review your electrical request.

Electrical Problem Diagnostic Cost: $50 - $450 to identify the problem. Troubleshooting or testing an electrical issue can be very time consuming due to shorts, open splices, broken wires, hidden wiring & junction boxes in the wall or ceiling and the DIY people trying to fix the problem. (Very common electrical service work request: Husband, brother or friend tried to fix the electrical problem and now half house doesn't have any electric power)