Energy Saving

Efficient Lighting

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Compact Florescent Light Bulb

Newer energy efficient fluorescent lighting saves you 30 – 60% on your lighting cost. Cost payback is about 2 years.

LED EXIT lights can offer a 90% energy saving over the old fixtures. Plus the no light bulbs to change do to their expected 10 - 25 year Lamp life. When factoring in the additional maintenance costs associated with replacing bulbs in exit lights, the payback often times is less than a year. Contact electricians in your area for a quote on much these upgrades will cost upfront and how much they will save.

For industrial, commercial, or recreational buildings anywhere between thirty and sixty percent on your lighting bill could be saved by replacing outdated T12 fluorescent fixtures with excellent new fixtures called the T8... Read More →

Grow Lights and Indoor Gardens

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Think of the benefits of growing your own fresh vegetable, herbs, salad greens or beautiful flowers all year long. There are many different types of  indoor plant-growing systems available on the market today. Be sure to address the seven limiting factors for good plant growth. Indoor gardens must have water, food, light, temperature, humidity, air circulation and... Read More →

Battery Recycling

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Batteries of all types contain many metals and chemicals such as nickel cadmium (Ni-CD), alkaline manganese, mercury, nickel metal hydride (NiMH), lithium, lithium–ion, Zinc carbon, Zinc air, Zinc chloride, Silver oxide, Mercuric oxide and lead acid which can contaminate the environment if not disposed properly. For example, when batteries containing hazardous cadmium, mercury and other chemicals are disposed in the landfills, they will eventually... Read More →

Whole House Fans

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Why install a Whole House Fan?

  • Lower your energy cooling costs by 50-80%.
  • Moving air makes you feel cooler on a hot day or night.
  • Quickly removes excessive heat from the upstairs sleeping areas.... Read More →