Whole-House Surge Arrester

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Power surges can destroy your phone, computer system, digital big-screen television, stereo system, home theater, security systems, microwave oven, clock radio, most electronic battery chargers and anything else with micro processer circuits. Powers surges can be caused from a near by lightning strike, the power company main switching feeder lines or from within your home. Over 80% of the power surges and voltage spikes in your home are the direct result of the appliance motors turning on and off in your house. Lightning arrester, whole house voltage suppresser and other power suppression units must be layered to provide maximum electrical surge protection. None of these units are effective without a good solid building grounding system. Your grounding system might be bonded to the structural steel, concrete-encased electrodes, plates, ground rings, and rod or pipe electrodes... Read More →

Space Heaters

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Space HeaterThere are currently several types of space heaters on the market today. The most popular ones are Halogen, Electric, Propane and Kerosene. Halogen heaters are one of the latest types of heating equipment. They use light from an energy efficient halogen bulb to produce heat. They are lightweight and efficient, converting about 85% of the input power to the output source of energy.  Also, due to its halogen light-based... Read More →

Electrical Safety Outdoors

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Electric Lawn MowerElectrical power tools should not be used outdoors in the rain or when you're in any wet conditions. Never leave any electric power tools unattended as unqualified personnel or children can be hurt or even killed. If any parts of the device are damaged or cracked stop using the tool and have it repaired or replaced immediately. Inspect the power cord and extension cords for any frayed wire... Read More →

Tamper Resistant Outlets

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Sadly about seven children each day have to receive emergency room care because of electrical accidents. Injuries range from a mild electrical shock, to first, second and third degree burns. In some rare cases they prove fatal. Your local electricians are involved in helping to reducing that number drastically, and prevent tragedy in the first place. Here are some helpful electrical safety... Read More →