Electrical Problems

Why Use a Licensed Electric Contractor

Posted on: November 27th, 2011 by Glen 4 Comments


Are you ready to have some electrical work installed or maybe an electrical problem or two repaired? You have to consider "How much is this going to cost me?" People advertise things like "the lowest prices in town", "I'll beat any estimate", "No job too small or No job too big", "I'll fix any problem" " Cheapest Electrician in town" or "I can do it all". This sounds very good and maybe they really do know this profession that well.

In reality if they are the lowest price in town and can beat any estimate they may not have a state certified electrical contractor's license, proper insurance or bonding. They may be supplying low quality electrical material.  You also have to consider if they will be in business for possible warranty work required in the future, they may lack enough capital to finish your job properly. Yes, it costs money to protect you, the consumer.

"No job too small, No job too Big", "I'll fix any problem" or "I do it all" are red light warning signs of a... Read More →

FPE Federal Pacific Electric Panel Problems

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Millions of homes built during 1950's through the mid 1980's have Federal Pacific Electric Stab-lok type (FPE Stab-lok®) circuit breakers in them.They are reported to be an electrical safety and fire hazard. A New Jersey State Court, in a class action lawsuit, ruled that the Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Company ... Read More →

When & Where are GFI Outlets Required?

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GFI outletThe outdoor, basement, garage, bathroom and kitchen receptacle outlets may be required to have GFCI, GFIC breaker or GFI device (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) The National Electrical Code (NEC) updates electrical code every few years as new technology dictates and to meet life safety requirements.... Read More →

Partial Power Outage in My Home

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Damaged Meter Base

No power in half of the house is regular service call request. Two of the more common causes includes, the a failure on the electric power companys' line to your property or a breaker malfunction.

Okay here is a quick first lesson in electricity. The average home has a 120/240 volt main ... Read More →